Monday, August 3, 2009

Deal Me In!

The August show is coming up fast, but we still have some dealer space available.... $130 for a 10X11 or 12 indoor space (no sunburns!) amongst other stellar dealers of fabulous antiques, vintage wares, and oh-so-trendy junk. Join the best of the best at Sand Point Antique & Design Market, Seattle's Premiere Antique, Vintage, and Junk Show!
To reserve space for the August 30th show, you may click on the sidebar links to your right to download Google docs of the floor plan (shown above) and vendor contract (shown below). Checks and Credit Card payments accepted.
For other information, contact Dennis Eros at Eros Productions, Ltd.
Phone 360.978.4154 Email


  1. I really enjoy the Sandpoint show but wish you had heat, music and a little more festive atmosphere to pump up the shopping frenzy.

  2. I can't do anything about the heat, but I can with the music. Anyone want to help with the festive atmosphere?