Friday, August 7, 2009

Antiques By The Bay

I went to Alameda, CA last weekend to attend Antiques by the Bay. It was the first time I went to that show. It was interesting. Other than the scenery, it was pretty much like the sales up here. I sold about $1,100.00 although; I got a call on the drive back from a person who wanted to buy another object for $400.00.
I met a number of old customers from years ago.

I think they had about 2,000 early buyers and probably not more than 6,000 in total; they advertise up to 10,000. While 6,000 to 10,000 buyers may seem a lot by our standards; San Francisco has about 744,230 people living in the city and about 7,533,384 within about a two hour drive.In Seattle we have about 590,000 people. Within a two hour drive around Seattle the population of this wider region is 4,087,033. The demographics are statistically, about the same. So one wonders (at least this one wonders), why don't more people shop antiques in the Seattle area.


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