Monday, July 27, 2009

Designer Trends Hit the Sand Point Market...


The 2009 predictions by home décor experts are in! Topping the list of well-designed rooms are those that welcome you readily, easily encouraging you to be relaxed and comfortable. Antiques and collectibles can go a long way in helping to achieve this perfect marriage of style and comfort. Top antiques dealers who are experts in their trade will be at the Sand Point Antique and Design Market, to shed a little light on new ways to incorporate antiques into your home. In fact….

Ethnic art makes an impact in home décor this season. "Hand carved, hand-made items are very much of the moment," says Dennis Eros, who will be exhibiting an exceptional selection of Asian art. The Eros’ will also be bringing superb examples of Japanese craftsmanship in the form of miniature sculptural pieces called Netsuke. These exquisitely detailed 17th-19th century carvings – so tiny they can be held in the palm of the hand – were first created as functional toggles to hold a pouch on a kimono sash. Japanese artisans exercised astonishing creativity within the confines of these tiny forms. Other special pieces sure to please both decorators and collectors alike: a superb 10” ivory carved bust of Buddha from the turn of the previous century, and a 4x6 foot silk dragon rug from the middle twentieth century. Eros will also display and array of original JJ Audubon, hand-tinted, prints which were made before 1840. These prints of The Birds of America” and the ever popular “Quadrupeds of America” are fairly rare and lavishly colored by hand about 1840..

"American Indian material is the original folk art of America, and when you buy it, you're buying a part of history -- the skills of a vanishing world," says Mr. Eros, who has been a collector of American Indian artifacts for more than four decades. "The naturalistic philosophies of the Indians, who saw nature as an extension of man, rather than subservient to him are part of the attraction of Native American art work. We live in a technological world, and American Indian artifacts make people feel more centered. They use the optics of these pieces for meditation and relaxation."

Decorators who are primarily buying large objects and they will find a wonderful, elaborate Potlatch bowl of a Raven, at the show for $5000. Made by the famous carver Simon Charlie, from the Cowichan tribe in British Columbia, Canada, “Cowichan carvers are known for applying their magnificent mythologies to dramatic, supernatural bird creations,” Eros points out. Also affordable: colorful Tsimshiam and Makah basketry, reflecting interpretations of common themes such as fishing. “Prices are going sky high as the better material becomes scarce,” he adds. “A mask recently went for a half-million dollars at an auction in France. But, the good news is that there is a wealth of material that is infinitely affordable – beautiful baskets, beadwork, pottery and rugs.” Find them at the Sand Point Antique and Design Market.

Sports Themes turn an ordinary room into the extraordinary. In baseball, nothing seals the connection between a fan and a player better than getting an autograph or acquiring a game-used item. Now signed baseball jerseys and old gloves are turning up on walls! Sports themes are a favorite décor choice for a man’s study, or in a boy’s bedroom, as families satisfy a longing to surround themselves with the objects connected with a favorite interest. The look has also leapt into the commercial sector with bars and restaurants using sports elements to their fullest advantage. Imagine creating a focal point for your office with an autographed photograph of Mickey Mantle or Joe DiMaggio, an autographed baseball from Henry Aaron (holder of second place in career home runs) Look for a 1930’s catcher’s outfit, which has all of the items a catcher needs to “Play Ball.”

Yet, sports memorabilia is still a category with lots of affordable material. $10 could get you a fascinating piece of sporting ephemera -- an old photograph, post card, or sheet music.

Set the mood with vintage cocktail shakers and barware -- a hot collectible for 2009. Interest in home entertaining is on the rise, and consumers are furnishing their homes with the accoutrements needed to throw parties and serve cocktails in style. A number of dealers will be featuring delightful cocktail sets. These 50’s sets contain a cocktail shaker with a polished aluminum lid that functions as a strainer, along with different sized highball, whiskey or shot glasses. They come in a range of colors and whimsical decorations. The brilliant cobalt blue sets are embellished with angelfish or windmills. Other favorite motifs were flowers, camels, polar bears, and even dancing sailors. One of the most delightful patterns is the classic Retro-style shaker depicting a herd of pink elephants gleefully dancing and frolicking.

Barware can be broken down into several categories: swizzle sticks, ice buckets, cocktail shakers, shot glasses, regular liquor glasses, and bottle openers. Individual cocktail glasses start at $12. Shakers are in the $75 to $125 range, and ice buckets go for about $35 to $50. Sets are available for $150. If you really let you imagination run wild, you'll find other categories such as artwork, ashtrays, liquor lights/signs, and jewelry.

Show hours for the Sand Point Antique and Design Market are 8:00 am to 10 am for early buyers ($10) and general admission is from 10 am to 4 pm ($6, mention our blog and save a buck) on Sunday August 30th. Of course children 17 and under free. Contact: Dennis Eros at 360-978-4154. We have some selling spaces left and for $130 you can become a dealer ! You can reduce and cull your collections, and use the money you receive to purchase new and better objects for your collection!


  1. Sourced for this article: Leigh Infield from Infield and Associates Public Relations in New York City

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