Monday, September 20, 2010

     Sand Point Antique & Design Market is close at hand. Come join us Octover 10th. Early buyers 8 am to 10 $10.  General Admission 10 am to 4 pm $6.  $5 with a printout of this page or postcard (10 am to 4 pm only). 

     Anyone can sell at Sand Point. We are constintly finding new dealers to add to our list of unusual and unexpected displays.

     A number of collectors are starting to display and sell with us. This is good for a number or reasons. This allows buyers who want to cull their collections but, do not want to wholesale their treasures. Setting up at Sand Point allows collectors to sell their objects at a retail, or near retail prices. Not only does this give a selling advantage to collectors but this exposes collectors to dealers and other collectors. Sometimes when collector meets collector a nice exchange of objects can happen through trades.

     Sand Point has become one of the most unusual antique selling enviornments on the West Coast. As we like to say:

     Antique garden furniture and other art, old and loved linens, French Country, planters, primitives, Native American art, used and unabused furniture, estate and consume jewelry. Find the unpredictable and the

     Our Market is part design, part therapy and … pure pleasure. You are going to find an ambush of delights, Collectiblities, Inconceivabilities and PERHAPS — even romance. It could happen!

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  1. It's gonna be a SCREAM of a show, Dennis--Halloween/autumn will be celebrated big time!! Hope Anita is feeling better . . . .

    Debi & Jim