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Sand Point Antique and Design Market Sunday December 5, 2010

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Well folks I have some good news and some bad news, very bad news. First the good news our next Sand Point Antique & Design Market is Sunday, December 5th., with set up on Saturday, December 4th.

The bad news is this may be our last show. On information and belief, the building department in Seattle has told the park that without a major refit to make the building safe in an earthquake they will no longer permit the use of building 30 (Hangar 30) and the Fire Marshal has stated unless the park build more exits they will no longer issue Fire Permits; these two events have effectively shut all events in Hangar 30; except for about four events a year, reserved for the longest running events coming out of Hangar 30; this does not include us.

I do not understand why they will allow some usage but not all. Within the last 6 years Anita and I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop, promote and continue the first viable, continuing antique show in the City of Seattle; the longest running antique show in the City of Seattle. This will be a devastating blow, not only to our own income and to you, our antique vendors. Four-fifths of our personal income comes from the Sand Point Antique & Design Market. There is a certain probability that the loss of income from our event at Marnuson Park will force us into bankruptcy. One cannot expect one to lose 4/5ths of their gross income and survive in one piece. Anita and I are totally devastated by this information.

If enough of us can storm the castle walls we may be able to get this changed.

Anita and I have a greater fear of going out of business than dying in an earthquake in Hangar 30.

This action, or lack thereof, will impact hundreds of our dealers and thousands of our buyers in just one year. Considering the other events in Hangar 30 will impact hundreds of thousands of people from not only the City of Seattle but, the rest of Washington State and other states on the West Coast; people who have for years used Hangar 30 as a cultural venue.

I ask each of you to contact the city "fathers" your dismay at this issue. Perhaps we can get them to change their "collective minds." Personally, I do not understand why they can allow 4 events and not 40 events. Any email or letter please cc to Julianna Ross Vice Chair, Magnuson Park Advisory Committee  206.245.5457

Dennis and Anita Eros

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