Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sand Point Antique & Design Market Sunday, August 29th. 2010 A big winner.

What'a weekend. Anita and I started running the Sand Point Market in 2005. We have consistently held 6 shows a year; this show and sale was the best show ever.

Let me put it a different way -- 30 shows in 5 years and this was the best show -- ever. In the middle of a recession!
Due to a scheduling conflict we had to share part of Hangar 30 with the International Stunt School. Now this was fun; watching all of these young folks swinging, jumping, fighting and all manner of stuff associated with movie or TV shows.
We are now accepting reservations for the October 10th show. $130 for a 10 ft x 12 or 11 ft booth + $5 for the City of Seattle license. You do not need to be a dealer to sell at Sand Point. If you are culling your collection or just have "too much stuff" you can set up. Don't know how to price your "stuff?" We can help. Certainly, there are many dealers at the show who can also help you price your objects.
How much can you make? Well, on the 29th we had people who sold $2,000, $3,000, $4,000 and more. I heard more than one dealer boast of selling more than $5,000 and two exceeded $10,000. Not bad for a one day antique sale.
More than a few buyers said that this was the best show for bargains. There were two notable designers who spent more than $5,000 each.

Thanks to everyone, buyers and sellers all, you made this possible.  Thank you again and we will see you October 10th.


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